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About Company

Sagacity Software Pvt. Ltd. started in the year 2012, with the objective of helping customers in achieving their business objectives through innovative, best-in-class IT solution services. Pacing up with the high-frequency technical advancement, Sagacity integrates its technology expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results.


Sagacity deals with developing next-generation advanced software applications and delivering deep data analytics for businesses using software like Tableau. Sagacity also had a very specific project and timeline that needed to be closed in time. The available resources in their in-house team were not going to cut it for delivering a top-notch software in time and hence needed expert remote developers on the timeline as soon as possible to cover the project pipeline.

Our Process and Solution

Sagacity was honored to choose the best candidates for their requirements from Sazinga’s large pool of pre-vetted developers and set up the timeline of work with them in a matter of a couple of days. This not only saved them time and efforts that they’d otherwise put into sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding new candidates. Sagacity also avoided adding new positions in the company that would go useless after the sprinted software development was done.
Here are the technologies that Sagacity leveraged from Sazinga staff augmentation service;

  • 3 React Native Developers
  • 1 Sr. iOS Developer
  • 1 Sr. Android Developer
  • 2 PWA Developers
  • 1 Jr. Tableau Executive

These developers not only helped them sort out their ongoing pipeline but also released the bottleneck issues in the development pipeline to make sure that no other project of theirs was disturbed. The developers have been working with them for about 9 months now and Sagacity has been up-scaling and down-scaling the team based on their specific requirements.

The Result

8 for a matter of 1 year with a successful delivery of advanced software


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My experience with Sazinga has been one of a kind. The team at Sazinga pretty well understands the scope of work and acts with responsibility and competence to ensure a partnership is formed and builds into an enduring productive relationship since the past 1 year.

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