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InscoMont Services had recently started its products in Indian Matchmaking services and came to Sazinga with 2 product requirements – Re-Design, Development & Support of Sthal Matrimony app & new development of Rishta Dobara app. The Sthal matrimony app was built by another vendor but the client was facing issues in the app design, flow, and performance.

Sazinga team has significant experience in mobile and web application areas across multiple industry verticals and has a successful track record with similar clients and projects. Sazinga has won many business people’s heart by delivering the best results to its clients. This particular achievement added more productivity through long-lasting results.


InscoMont team had business expertise but were not having an in-house technical team to handle their products. It seems like Techknomatic team was dependent on another vendor to create web and mobile apps. The delivered apps are not meeting their business requirements so the redesign and restructuring application required.

Our Process and Solution

Sazinga team worked closely with the InscoMont team to understand the current challenges faced and the expectations from the application. Sazinga team reviewed the existing application, listed down the challenges faced, understood the new features required in the app (Both Mobile & Web) , established clear goals and a comprehensive solution based on product needs.

Our process to achieve the required solution was as follows:

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

During this phase, our team reviewed any and all systems related to the project in order to determine the available data sources, identified KPIs, existing system and requirement gaps to kick start the development work.  We developed a list of any and all solution possibilities based on this initial consultation.

Phase 2: Solution Model

After reviewing the current systems and outlining possible solutions, our team started the implementation work to develop the best solution. This approach allowed us to tailor the solution specifically for the client and ensured it does not include any overheads or repetitive work. 

Phase 3: Implementation

Once we both agreed upon the work scope, our team started implementing the project plan. We first analyzed the existing applications and started giving quick fixes to help the business team in daily business processes. We delivered a detailed outline of the plan with a timeline that included all relevant due dates and/or deliverables.


As part of deliverables, we have provided the following things

Requirement Documents: Functional Requirement Specification, KPI Specification Documents, Timelines & resource specifications

Design Documents: Architecture Designs, Screen Designs, and Wireframes, Logical Data Model, Physical Data Model, User Acceptance Criteria   

Application: Web and Mobile-based interactive application (for Users & Admins) for day to day business operations & accessing underlying data and displaying required KPIs in an effective way.

Servers: Production server with appropriate access to business users (Based on their roles). SQL Server with all the schedules and refresh processes in place. 

Documentation: Application design documentation, SQL Script documentation, Business logic, and transformation reports, User Manual 

Phase 4: User Training

After delivering the Web & mobile application, we had dedicated training sessions for all the stakeholders on the application usage, KPIs, common mistakes, issues, and errors. We had a dedicated person for supporting business users for 1-2 weeks on day to day basis.

Phase 5: Operations & Support

After go-live, we had a dedicated team allocated for operations and support to the business team. There were multiple bugs, changes reported by the client on a daily basis. We were able to do quick fixes and release the new versions within a limited time frame in order to meet the critical deadlines for a live product.

Phase 6: Change Management

As the developed product is B2C and the client is comparatively new in the business domain, there were multiple change requests from the client-side on the business logic, functionality, application design, UI/UX and features. Our team was working on front and backend simultaneously in order to give quick fixes and changes as per the client’s requirements.

The Result

After launching the mobile application, within 3 months of time, there were 12,000 downloads of the app with hardly a 1% crash ratio. The business users were able to use the application smoothly hence the average active user duration increased drastically.

The backend team was happy with the admin features as they were able to handle all the admin activities without any help from the development team. The overall user count increased exponentially and helped the client to retain their users on the app


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We at Sthal Matrimony recently had the pleasure of working with Sazinga Digital Services for the development of our website and application. From start to finish, the team at Sazinga provided exceptional service and delivered top-notch results.Throughout the project, the team at Sazinga was highly professional, communicative, and responsive to our needs. They dedicate sufficient time to understand concepts and vision to add bright life to it. The final result was professionally designed and referred as 100% functional website. Also, the application was beyond our expectations.

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