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Java is the only programming language that has the ability to run any single or distributed platforms and this special feature works across different clients and servers. Java programmers are needed in companies to create complex apps that can run on different servers. We choose the best Java developers who are not only experts in the programming language but are also experienced in making dynamic applications.

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From the pool of experts, choose the one who can understand your needs and help you grow.

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Our Services allow You to quickly Increase or Decrease your Team Size based on the needs of your Project

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How to hire remote JavaScript developers
for your team

JavaScript is said to be the world’s most popular programming language till date. This scripting language was invented by Brendan Eich in 1995 and became ECMA standard in 1997, since then it has always been the most well-known scripting language. Here are some well known quick facts about this popular language

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  • JavaScript is a text-based coding language used on the client-side as well as on the server-side that allows you to make web pages interactive.
  • Every browser provides a JS engine that runs the JavaScript code. This can be useful in making dynamic code while testing it on the side.
  • Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the 3 main elements of the www (World Wide Web). It enables interactive web pages and thus is an essential part of websites and apps. 
  • Despite the fact that there are similarities between JavaScript and Java, including language name, respective standard libraries, and syntax, these two languages are distinct and differ significantly in design.
  • JavaScript is supported by all modern Web browsers with the built-in interpreters.
  • So, when you hire remote JavaScript developers, consider the candidates who have extreme knowledge and experience in JS technologies.

What to look for while Hiring
Remote Front-end Developers?

Front-end development represents the company’s profile in the same way as a first meeting, making it your company’s first impression. So, companies that are determined to have flawless, functional, and professional websites must hire the best front-end developers to work with various clients. Here’s what you want to look for while finding the expert front-end developers.

Here are some key things that you need to verify when you hire a remote avaScript developer

Even though JavaScript allows non-primitive data types like int, float, boolean, double, long, etc. It’s mainly an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language because it is difficult to program without specifying class and object; Hence, a high-level proficiency in OOP is a mandatory criteria to consider when you hire remote JavaScript developers.

JavaScript is a popular language widely used in building secure and reliable web applications for different industries such as hospitality, healthcare, E-commerce, etc. Hence, when you hire remote JavaScript developers, they should be capable of working on several things and need to have a good understanding of different design patterns and frameworks.

If the developer you are hiring has a familiarity with containers, the overall time and effort they put into your project will reduce drastically. As the developers are familiar with containers, most of their designs are highly connected to enhance and provide user authentication, logging, and establishing database connections with the systems.
Some of the JavaScript libraries like JQuery, Ajax, CSS, HTML, JSON, Maven, and Gradle are highly useful for Java developers to create dynamic web content so easily. For any JavaScript developer, having fair knowledge of web technologies is important to understand the establishment and communication exchange via markup languages.

Staff Augmentation Process

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Top Vetted Candidates

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A male developer

Full Stack Developer

6+ Years

A dedicated full stack developer with 
6 years of experience in application development. Who can handle both the front and back ends of a website or application with a strong attention to detail and experience in fast-paced team environments.
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A female developer

Java Developer

6+ Years

A competent and diligent professional having experience in implementing and managing high-performance scalable web applications with efficient code and performance; in development, reporting, and bug resolution.
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.NET Developer

6+ Years

A skillful professional having 18+ years of technical experience and 16+ years of .Net technology knowledge. Hire this developer to contribute to the entire development life cycle of your crucial projects and close up the delivery pipeline.

Things to know


Things to know

Each new developer is provided with a unique relevant test task. Sazinga’s senior developer also conducts a technical interview to confirm the candidates’ ability to deliver.



It’s very important to find such a member to the team or a team of those who are on the same page with the culture of your company. We ensure that the candidate fits in your company’s values.



A team member must understand the language of the team. Sazinga’s experts check must-have traits like initiative, proactivity, English level, and great communication skills.


The cost of web developers and designers varies based on the level of experience, skill sets, education, and certifications. The cost typically ranges from $90 to $110 per hour. But it can also vary depending on the location (where the developer is located) and their past experience. With Sazinga you get the JS developers with the experience and skill levels that you need at customized competitive pricing.

JavaScript is a scripting language that is used on both the client and server-side for interactive purposes. HTML and CSS are used to enhance structure and style on web pages, whereas Javascript uses elements that make the pages highly interactive with the users.

JavaScript (JS) is a pure web-based scripting language. It is a lightweight, interpreted language used with a first-class function state. It is one of the best scripting languages that engage the user more than usual. Because of its interactivity style, it is even used in non-browsing environments as well.

In general, JavaScript developers’ role is to build architecture and develop websites and applications using web technologies. These technologies work well on open web platforms and are also used to compile input for non-web platforms as well. for eg: React Native
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