20 Mar, 2023

Staff Augmentation and
its benefits

Development -Digital Marketing – Staff Augmentation

By Sazinga Team
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Staff Augmentation is the recommended method to meet your business requirements without compromise. Hiring in-house teams can be difficult sometimes as the hiring process can take a long time. Combining outsourcing and in-house hiring allows companies to hire qualified developers quickly.Let’s dive into the topic and learn more about staff augmentation services, their importance, and other things too.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a corporate strategy that helps a business entity to keep the lid on, a project to amplify the capacity of an organization.

The strategy comprises assessing the present manpower in an organization and determining the need for sourcing personnel on a temporary/contract basis as per the requirements and company’s objectives.
It is a very powerful tool for an organization but many companies don’t understand the types of augmentation and how to choose the perfect and right one for their organization.

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Staff Augmentation Types:

Generally, there are only two types of staff augmentation:

  • Short-Term Augmentation – Short-Term Augmentation services are required by a company when there is an absence of local team members or there is an increased demand for developers for a project.
  • Long-Term Augmentation – Long-Term Staff Augmentation solutions are needed by an organization when the in-house hiring process takes a lot of time or a company got long-term projects and they want to fill a skill gap.

Further it can be divided into the following three categories:

  • Commodity – When you need good workers to perform a particular task, but they don’t need any specific skill-set for the work. For example – manual labor and warehouse work.
  • Skill-Based – When you need certain skills (typing, copywriting, data entry), but the level of them is not too crucial.
  • Highly Skilled – When you require some more advanced skills that are only achievable through training and experience, the level of skill is important as well.

Why Staff augmentation is a more powerful tool?

Here are some points which will show you how to hire remote developers for team augmentation and its importance:

  • Cost-Effective: The technique of staff augmentation cut down on the company’s costs in various aspects. Since the workers are hired on a temporary basis, payment is made for a short period of time. Furthermore, no money is spent on employee benefits like taxes, etc personnel.
  • Enhanced and increased flexibility: The performance of an organization as a whole depends on the workers of a company. Experienced and skilled workers, working for a short period of time may boost the company’s production in a short period.
  • New projects: An increased and skilled number of workers helps in providing numerous opportunities for clients and quality solutions.
  • A lid on control: Staff augmentation helps in keeping effective control over the company’s projects and time to time monitoring activities. It helps keep a track of each and every activity of the project.

Pros and Cons of IT Team Augmentation:


  • It is an effective strategy to boost the existing worker’s performance by adding up skilled and expert personnel and also replacing the workers who are underperforming.
  • To complete a project taken up, it becomes mandatory for an organization to hire expert workers, which contributes to obtaining excellent outcomes.
  • It helps in reducing the cost of training and development of workers since experienced and skilled workers are hired in order to get immediate and effective results.
Benefits of Staff Augmentation Infographic


  • When skilled staff is required for a short span of time, there becomes a need to pay between 15-20% more for their skill set and hourly salary.
  • Sometimes the projects have taken up require in-depth knowledge, which may be missing in some cases of newly hired workers on a temporary basis.
  • Staff augmentation may become a serious issue when a project is to be continued for a longer period of time. Also includes higher risk and higher cost.

Here are the some classic scenarios that defines where to consider augmenting your team by hiring staffs for your project:

  • When a company is going to work on a new project and they need extra workers
  • When a company wants to save some money they can go for staff augmentation as workers are hired on a temporary basis.
  • When a company’s in-house team lacks certain skills and requires specialized knowledge for a project
  • When a company is launching a new product and needs staff to test the product before releasing it.
  • 5 Steps in finding the best staff augmentation company

First, you need to determine where you are lacking whether it is the number of workers or it is a specific skill you are looking for.

Above in the article, we have explained the types of staff augmentation, now you need to determine which type of augmentation you need, short-term or long-term as per your requirements.

  • Research the market, Verify testimonials, check out the company’s reviews and experience before choosing the right outsourcing company for you.
  • Connect with them, negotiate the price and discuss everything about the contract before signing it.
  • On a mutual agreement, Sign a contract.


Staff Augmentation is a powerful tool if you need to balance your projects and team quickly with certain skills. It brings a lot of benefits like cost-saving, proper control over projects, and flexibility. Staff Augmentation services are being used more often now for roles like developers, Research and Development, Digital Marketing, and more. It carries huge importance for enterprises and startups now and continues in the future. Before signing a contract with a staff augmentation company make sure to conduct a background check of the company to find the best fit for you.

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