Hire Remote Data Visualization Developers to Scale Your Team in 2022

Identify the business data with expert data analytics and visualization engineers available for you on-demand. Sazinga is offering you big opportunities to hire remote data visualization developers for scaling your developers team.

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Why Sazinga for Data Visualization Team Augmentation?

We choose the best remote data engineers by testing their expertise in various domains to make sure that you get the best assistance in data formatting, analytics, and visualization. Choose from our large pool of experts that are fluent in data preparation, designing strategy with data visualization, and a lot more with your business data for your benefit. Our data visualization experts are ready to join your existing team and assist them in making data-driven business decisions to help your organization grow.

4 reasons why you should choose Sazinga to hire remote data visualization developers team:

Ease of Choosing
the Best

From the pool of experts, choose the one who can understand your needs and help you grow.

Faster Upsizing and
Downsizing You Team

Our Services allow You to quickly Increase or Decrease your Team Size based on the needs of your Project

Improve Productivity

Take Control of Your Project by getting your desired team to ensure Maximum Productivity

Save on Employee
Retention Costs

Expand or Reduce your Remote Team Size by Hiring Part-Time or Full-Time Developers only for the Duration of your Project

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Data Visualization Technologies

Our extensive selection of expert candidates fluent in data visualization technologies are readily available to join your existing team to help them in making data-driven decisions for your business.

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Backend Developers


Sazinga specializes in Tableau consultants ready to join your team and deliver comprehensive insights needed to improve your business processes or projects.

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Backend Developers

Power BI

Sazinga helps companies in implementing, improving, and supporting Power BI team to provide fast and high-quality analytics across the organisation.

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Backend Developers


Our QuickSight experts enable you to power up your existing team to do sophisticated analytics via ad-hoc analysis and machine learning-based insights to help your business grow at a rapid pace.

D3 Data Driven Documents Technology

Backend Developers


Our D3.js developers are experts in using D3.js library within JavaScript, data analysis with a focus on data visualization, automated testing version control, and lots more.

What to look for while hiring a Remote
Data Visualization Developers?

Hiring the perfectly suitable data visualization engineer is quite a time consuming task. Companies that want meaningful insights from raw data and build dashboards to visualise and understand the data for stakeholders must hire the best data programmers. Several factors come into play while hiring a high-experienced data engineer. Also while hiring developers, make sure to verify the knowledge and experience on latest tools and technologies, databases, ETL, and more. Therefore consider these skills and technologies when you plat to hire remote data visualization developers for your team.

The 4 top factors that you should vett in a data engineer before hiring them.

The source of data are always high even for enterprise level companies. Therefore, it is must for data vizualization expert to have deep knowledge and understanding level of all the sources of data and should be fluent with managing the tools to source, edit and clean the data as well as operate on the data to develop meaningful, insightful and useful analytics deductions.

A data engineer performs complex data analysis to find out relevant patterns in the large piles of data and then reports it in the form of visual designs for easy understanding and make decisions based on the delivered data. Majority of computing, analysing and structuring tasks are done on the cloud, hence, its crucial for a data engineer to be thorough with the designing database dashboards and deriving useful information.

Big data analytics help in utilizing the data to identify future opportunities in the business and hence nullify the business gap by identifying potential sources. Big data analytics also help the key decision makers to understand the overall performance of their business on a large scale and predict the future.

A good data visualization developer is not only good at presenting the data with great visuals but also derive meaningful and useful information that benefits the business. Our data visualizers are great at understanding the data from your business in depth from all the user points and present great business strategies to scale your organization to next level.

Staff Augmentation Process

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Get a list of pre-vetted remote engineers from our pool of skilled developers



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Top Vetted Candidates

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Full Stack Developer

6+ Years

A dedicated full stack developer with 
6 years of experience in application development. Who can handle both the front and back ends of a website or application with a strong attention to detail and experience in fast-paced team environments.
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A female developer

Java Developer

6+ Years

A competent and diligent professional having experience in implementing and managing high-performance scalable web applications with efficient code and performance; in development, reporting, and bug resolution.
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.NET Developer

6+ Years

A skillful professional having 18+ years of technical experience and 16+ years of .Net technology knowledge. Hire this developer to contribute to the entire development life cycle of your crucial projects and close up the delivery pipeline.

Things to know


Things to know

Each new developer is provided with a unique relevant test task. Sazinga’s senior developer also conducts a technical interview to confirm the candidates’ ability to deliver.



It’s very important to find such a member to the team or a team of those who are on the same page with the culture of your company. We ensure that the candidate fits in your company’s values.



A team member must understand the language of the team. Sazinga’s experts check must-have traits like initiative, proactivity, English level, and great communication skills.


Some of the major responsibilities of Data Visualization developers include analyzing and formating data to narrate a specific story by using visualization and infographics. They even tend to solve internal and external data visualization and communication challenges they face in charts, diagrams, maps, and infographic images.

The graphical representation that contains data and information is known as Data Visualization. This is achieved by using the elements like graphs, charts, maps, and other data visualization techniques through easy access. Additionally, it helps to understand trends, patterns, and outliers used in data.

Data Visualization developers are the ones who provide major insights about higher education and also help in decision-making administration works. So, as of now, there is a demand rising for data visualization tools and software in the educational sector and its related areas.

These are some of the familiar data visualization tools used in trends: Dundas BI, Tableau, Jupyter, RAW, IBM Watson, Zoho Reports, Google Charts, and many more are the most used data visualization tools.

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