6 Jan, 2023

How to Choose the Right
Staff Augmentation Model

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By Sazinga Team
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Companies have the capability of handling all types of core development demands but there’s always a point when the company is missing out on a specific expertise or knowledge about the particular area. In that case, companies augment the required staff with the help of new professionals who are skilled in the domain that is missing in the team. Therefore, if you are looking forward to augmenting your ongoing software development or IT team, then you should know the importance of choosing the right resource augmentation model.

This blog talks about some crucial scenarios to help you determine if you are in a position where you should augment your staff or not and then also briefs you about how to go about choosing the correct way to do it. 

Determining if your company needs staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an ideal solution in various scenarios. If you are confused about determining if augmentation is the right choice for you or not, here are some points to consider:

  • Does your organization need to save up for recruitment, training, and staff management while filling the talent gap as soon as possible? In this case, augmenting staff can be the ideal staff augmentation solution.
  • When the software product might be in its final stage of development, the software product team recommends hiring new short-term employees for testing the product before launch. You can definitely leverage team augmentation here as well.
  • Say you already have a team of software engineers who are working on a major software development project and you need to scale your team by a large number of programmers for developing some other software modules. In this case, you might need a team of around 5-10 technology professionals.
  • There’s a large-scale project utilizing your complete core team and the project might require the involvement of specialized knowledge and expertise that your in-house team might not possess or does not contain as of now. 

Choosing the Right Staff Augmentation Model

Once you have determined if your organization needs to opt for staff augmentation, you are on your way to choose what model suits you the best and how you should go about finding the best match in the industry.
Here are some of the quick tips and suggestions that will help you to choose the right staffing model and thus help in fulfilling your recruitment needs:

#Assessing the Staffing Requirements

What does the development team need? Do you want the software developers to integrate with some internal engineering department for filling the skill gaps? You can set up a reliable remote development team and free up the vital in-house team to work on some other critical business project. As an alternative option, the senior managers of your organization might have requested additional engineering resources to deliver a project on the fixed date.

#Verifying the Staff Provider’s Expertise

Verify the potential expertise of the provider of the desired IT augmentation model or services over their capability of managing staffing challenges or handling distributed teams during the time of project development or execution.
You can even have a detailed view at the credentials and work history of the vendors. Some additional points to consider here are:

  • Consult with past clients and analyze the level of satisfaction with their previous projects
  • Go through the work portfolio & credentials of the service provider in detail.
  • Ensure that the service provider has relevant years of experience in the given field for covering the business resources you require.
  • Ask around to obtain a general idea of previous clients perceive the desired service provider.
  • Refer the testimonial and reviews section of the staff augmentation service provider to ensure reliable services all time.
Infographic illustrating the ways to choose right staff augmentation model

#Understanding the Type of Contract

You should seek services from the staff augmentation service provider who is capable of offering customized work agreements for catering your business needs. At the same time, the firm takes a sufficient time to understand the development environment of your current business. This offers the assurance that you have access to choose the right model or talent to fulfill your business objectives.

#Commitment to Security

To avoid misuse of information, Data and IP security measures are taken into consideration. IN that case, you should aim at working with a reliable staff augmentation firm delivering access to a secure augmentation model to work upon. An esteemed recruiting companies or agencies are capable of making staffs signing the NDAs without any delay and reluctance.

#Examining the Communication Protocols

How is the staffing provider ensuring account communications? What is the general idea of their communication act? However, this assists you to assess the overall market competitiveness of the project progress and its on-time delivery. You should seek help from a augmentation team by a provider having a clearly defined and simple-to-use communication protocol.

#Reaching Across Local & International Markets

Depending on the specific requirements of your development team, you need to analyze all the existing outsourcing options. It might also include combinations of offshore or onshore staffing models or plans, or even following the hybrid staffing practice.


You should be willing to manage and be capable of working with a reliable staff augmentation model or staffing partner to fit the specific staffing needs of your company. The One-size-fits-all staffing model doesn’t allow providing flexible and creative staffing solutions. Just by analyzing the unique staffing needs of your business, evaluating potential vendor’s expertise, and through investigating a global reach of the outsourcing agency, commitment security, communication protocol standards, and considering various other factors, you can make the ideal choice of the best staffing model or company.

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