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Payments invoicing software

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Staff augmentation

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About Company

PoochPay provides an invoicing solution to handle end-to-end invoice management for its clients. PoochPay’s mission is to get rid of the team from paper-driven manual processes and that liberty can help in reducing AP costs, by allowing vendors to stay accountable, and also for comprehending overall spends.


They needed a set of remote talent with capabilities of overhauling their software application development as well as building a strong backend system for managing the data on servers and processing it when needed. They also needed a senior data analytics person who can understand the data and help them make smarter development decisions as well as help them manage the invoice management software’s data.

Our Process and Solution

Here are the technologies that Pooch Pay leveraged from Sazinga staff augmentation service to fill the talent gap and get their software applications and data visualization sorted in a year;

  • 3 .Net Developers
  • 2 Quick Sight Developers (1 Senior and 1 Junior level)
  • 2 Python Developers
  • 1 AWS Developer

These developers not only helped them sort out their ongoing pipeline but also released the bottleneck issues in the development pipeline to make sure that no other project of theirs was disturbed. The developers have been working with them for about 12 months now and PoochPay has been up-scaling and down-scaling the team based on their specific requirements.

The Result

8 dedicated remote developers augmented for 1 year delivering the promising invoice management solution and helping them visualize the data better.


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We were very impressed with Sazinga’s team from the very first conversation, the level of discussion we had was amazing, they understood the project challenges quite well. Overall team experience, ideas, and efforts really made our project a huge success. We highly recommend them.

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